Class ServiceConfig (1.4.2)

ServiceConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The configuration of the service.


name str
The DNS address at which this service is available. An example DNS address would be: ````.
title str
The product title for this service.
apis Sequence[google.protobuf.api_pb2.Api]
A list of API interfaces exported by this service. Contains only the names, versions, and method names of the interfaces.
documentation google.api.documentation_pb2.Documentation
Additional API documentation. Contains only the summary and the documentation URL.
quota google.api.quota_pb2.Quota
Quota configuration.
authentication google.api.auth_pb2.Authentication
Auth configuration. Contains only the OAuth rules.
usage google.api.usage_pb2.Usage
Configuration controlling usage of this service.
endpoints Sequence[google.api.endpoint_pb2.Endpoint]
Configuration for network endpoints. Contains only the names and aliases of the endpoints.
monitored_resources Sequence[google.api.monitored_resource_pb2.MonitoredResourceDescriptor]
Defines the monitored resources used by this service. This is required by the `Service.monitoring][google.api.Service.monitoring]` and `Service.logging][google.api.Service.logging]` configurations.
monitoring google.api.monitoring_pb2.Monitoring
Monitoring configuration. This should not include the 'producer_destinations' field.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > ServiceConfig