Class QuotaError (1.9.1)

QuotaError(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Represents error information for QuotaOperation][google.api.servicecontrol.v1.QuotaOperation].


Error code.
subject str
Subject to whom this error applies. See the specific enum for more details on this field. For example, "clientip:
description str
Free-form text that provides details on the cause of the error.
status google.rpc.status_pb2.Status
Contains additional information about the quota error. If available, status.code will be non zero.




Error codes related to project config validations are deprecated since the quota controller methods do not perform these validations. Instead services have to call the Check method, without quota_properties field, to perform these validations before calling the quota controller methods. These methods check only for project deletion to be wipe out compliant.

Values: UNSPECIFIED (0): This is never used. RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED (8): Quota allocation failed. Same as google.rpc.Code.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED][google.rpc.Code.RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED]. BILLING_NOT_ACTIVE (107): Consumer cannot access the service because the service requires active billing. PROJECT_DELETED (108): Consumer's project has been marked as deleted (soft deletion). API_KEY_INVALID (105): Specified API key is invalid. API_KEY_EXPIRED (112): Specified API Key has expired.