Class VersionToPath (0.5.0)

VersionToPath(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

VersionToPath maps a specific version of a secret to a relative file to mount to, relative to VolumeMount's mount_path.


path str
Required. The relative path of the secret in the container.
version str
The Cloud Secret Manager secret version. Can be 'latest' for the latest value, or an integer or a secret alias for a specific version.
mode int
Integer octal mode bits to use on this file, must be a value between 01 and 0777 (octal). If 0 or not set, the Volume's default mode will be used. Notes - Internally, a umask of 0222 will be applied to any non-zero value. - This is an integer representation of the mode bits. So, the octal integer value should look exactly as the chmod numeric notation with a leading zero. Some examples: for chmod 777 (a=rwx), set to 0777 (octal) or 511 (base-10). For chmod 640 (u=rw,g=r), set to 0640 (octal) or 416 (base-10). For chmod 755 (u=rwx,g=rx,o=rx), set to 0755 (octal) or 493 (base-10). - This might be in conflict with other options that affect the file mode, like fsGroup, and the result can be other mode bits set.