Class RecurringSchedule (1.0.0)

RecurringSchedule(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Sets the time for recurring patch deployments.


time_zone .datetime.TimeZone
Required. Defines the time zone that time_of_day is relative to. The rules for daylight saving time are determined by the chosen time zone.
start_time .timestamp.Timestamp
Optional. The time that the recurring schedule becomes effective. Defaults to create_time of the patch deployment.
end_time .timestamp.Timestamp
Optional. The end time at which a recurring patch deployment schedule is no longer active.
time_of_day .timeofday.TimeOfDay
Required. Time of the day to run a recurring deployment.
frequency .gco_patch_deployments.RecurringSchedule.Frequency
Required. The frequency unit of this recurring schedule.
weekly .gco_patch_deployments.WeeklySchedule
Required. Schedule with weekly executions.
monthly .gco_patch_deployments.MonthlySchedule
Required. Schedule with monthly executions.
last_execute_time .timestamp.Timestamp
Output only. The time the last patch job ran successfully.
next_execute_time .timestamp.Timestamp
Output only. The time the next patch job is scheduled to run.




Specifies the frequency of the recurring patch deployments.