Class ScaleTier (1.8.0)


Required. Specifies the machine types, the number of replicas for workers and parameter servers.

Values: SCALE_TIER_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified Scale Tier. BASIC (1): A single worker instance. This tier is suitable for learning how to use Cloud ML, and for experimenting with new models using small datasets. STANDARD_1 (2): Many workers and a few parameter servers. PREMIUM_1 (3): A large number of workers with many parameter servers. BASIC_GPU (4): A single worker instance with a K80 GPU. BASIC_TPU (5): A single worker instance with a Cloud TPU. CUSTOM (6): The CUSTOM tier is not a set tier, but rather enables you to use your own cluster specification. When you use this tier, set values to configure your processing cluster according to these guidelines:

    -  You *must* set `ExecutionTemplate.masterType` to
       specify the type of machine to use for your master node.
       This is the only required setting.