Class UpdateRuntimeRequest (1.7.1)

UpdateRuntimeRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request for updating a Managed Notebook configuration.


Required. The Runtime to be updated.
update_mask google.protobuf.field_mask_pb2.FieldMask
Required. Specifies the path, relative to Runtime, of the field to update. For example, to change the software configuration kernels, the update_mask parameter would be specified as software_config.kernels, and the PATCH request body would specify the new value, as follows: :: { "software_config":{ "kernels": [{ 'repository': '', 'tag': 'latest' }], } } Currently, only the following fields can be updated: - software_config.kernels - software_config.post_startup_script - software_config.custom_gpu_driver_path - software_config.idle_shutdown - software_config.idle_shutdown_timeout - software_config.disable_terminal
request_id str
Idempotent request UUID.