Class Disk (1.3.2)

Disk(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

An instance-attached disk resource.


auto_delete bool
Indicates whether the disk will be auto-deleted when the instance is deleted (but not when the disk is detached from the instance).
boot bool
Indicates that this is a boot disk. The virtual machine will use the first partition of the disk for its root filesystem.
device_name str
Indicates a unique device name of your choice that is reflected into the /dev/disk/by-id/google-\* tree of a Linux operating system running within the instance. This name can be used to reference the device for mounting, resizing, and so on, from within the instance. If not specified, the server chooses a default device name to apply to this disk, in the form persistent-disk-x, where x is a number assigned by Google Compute Engine.This field is only applicable for persistent disks.
disk_size_gb int
Indicates the size of the disk in base-2 GB.
guest_os_features Sequence[]
Indicates a list of features to enable on the guest operating system. Applicable only for bootable images. Read Enabling guest operating system features to see a list of available options.
index int
A zero-based index to this disk, where 0 is reserved for the boot disk. If you have many disks attached to an instance, each disk would have a unique index number.
interface str
Indicates the disk interface to use for attaching this disk, which is either SCSI or NVME. The default is SCSI. Persistent disks must always use SCSI and the request will fail if you attempt to attach a persistent disk in any other format than SCSI. Local SSDs can use either NVME or SCSI. For performance characteristics of SCSI over NVMe, see Local SSD performance. Valid values: - NVME - SCSI
kind str
Type of the resource. Always compute#attachedDisk for attached disks.
licenses Sequence[str]
A list of publicly visible licenses. Reserved for Google's use. A License represents billing and aggregate usage data for public and marketplace images.
mode str
The mode in which to attach this disk, either READ_WRITE or READ_ONLY. If not specified, the default is to attach the disk in READ_WRITE mode. Valid values: - READ_ONLY - READ_WRITE
source str
Indicates a valid partial or full URL to an existing Persistent Disk resource.
type_ str
Indicates the type of the disk, either SCRATCH or PERSISTENT. Valid values: - PERSISTENT - SCRATCH



GuestOsFeature(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Guest OS features for boot disk.