Class CreateAlertPolicyRequest (2.1.0)

CreateAlertPolicyRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The protocol for the CreateAlertPolicy request.


name str
Required. The project in which to create the alerting policy. The format is: :: projects/[PROJECT_ID_OR_NUMBER] Note that this field names the parent container in which the alerting policy will be written, not the name of the created policy. The alerting policy that is returned will have a name that contains a normalized representation of this name as a prefix but adds a suffix of the form /alertPolicies/[ALERT_POLICY_ID], identifying the policy in the container.
alert_policy .alert.AlertPolicy
Required. The requested alerting policy. You should omit the name field in this policy. The name will be returned in the new policy, including a new [ALERT_POLICY_ID] value.