Class TableDataSet (2.15.0)

TableDataSet(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Groups a time series query definition with table options.


Required. Fields for querying time series data from the Stackdriver metrics API.
table_template str
Optional. A template string for naming TimeSeries in the resulting data set. This should be a string with interpolations of the form ${label_name}, which will resolve to the label's value i.e. "${resource.labels.project_id}.".
min_alignment_period google.protobuf.duration_pb2.Duration
Optional. The lower bound on data point frequency for this data set, implemented by specifying the minimum alignment period to use in a time series query For example, if the data is published once every 10 minutes, the min_alignment_period should be at least 10 minutes. It would not make sense to fetch and align data at one minute intervals.
Optional. Table display options for configuring how the table is rendered.