Class SearchPublicKgRequest (0.3.8)

SearchPublicKgRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for EnterpriseKnowledgeGraphService.Search.


parent str
Required. The name of the Entity's parent resource. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}
query str
Required. The literal query string for search.
languages MutableSequence[str]
The list of language codes (defined in ISO 693) to run the query with, e.g. 'en'.
types MutableSequence[str]
Restricts returned entities with these types, e.g. Person (as defined in If multiple types are specified, returned entities will contain one or more of these types.
limit google.protobuf.wrappers_pb2.Int32Value
Limits the number of entities to be returned.