Class TransferDomainRequest

Request for the TransferDomain method.

Required. The parent resource of the ``Registration``. Must be in the format ``projects/*/locations/*``.
Required. The complete ``Registration`` resource to be created. You can leave ``registration.dns_settings`` unset to import the domain's current DNS configuration from its current registrar. Use this option only if you are sure that the domain's current DNS service does not cease upon transfer, as is often the case for DNS services provided for free by the registrar.
The list of contact notices that you acknowledge. The notices needed here depend on the values specified in ``registration.contact_settings``.
Required. Acknowledgement of the price to transfer or renew the domain for one year. Call ``RetrieveTransferParameters`` to obtain the price, which you must acknowledge.
The domain's transfer authorization code. You can obtain this from the domain's current registrar.
Validate the request without actually transferring the domain.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > TransferDomainRequest