Class OperationType (2.15.0)


If a processor or agent does an explicit operation on existing elements.

Values: OPERATION_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Operation type unspecified. If no operation is specified a provenance entry is simply used to match against a parent. ADD (1): Add an element. REMOVE (2): Remove an element identified by parent. UPDATE (7): Updates any fields within the given provenance scope of the message. It 'overwrites' the fields rather than replacing them. This is especially relevant when we just want to update a field value of an entity without also affecting all the child properties. REPLACE (3): Currently unused. Replace an element identified by parent. EVAL_REQUESTED (4): Deprecated. Request human review for the element identified by parent. EVAL_APPROVED (5): Deprecated. Element is reviewed and approved at human review, confidence will be set to 1.0. EVAL_SKIPPED (6): Deprecated. Element is skipped in the validation process.