Class FormExtractionParams (1.2.1)

FormExtractionParams(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Parameters to control form extraction behavior.


enabled bool
Whether to enable form extraction.
key_value_pair_hints Sequence[]
User can provide pairs of (key text, value type) to improve the parsing result. For example, if a document has a field called "Date" that holds a date value and a field called "Amount" that may hold either a currency value (e.g., "$500.00") or a simple number value (e.g., "20"), you could use the following hints: [ {"key": "Date", value_types: [ "DATE"]}, {"key": "Amount", "value_types": [ "PRICE", "NUMBER" ]} ] If the value type is unknown, but you want to provide hints for the keys, you can leave the value_types field blank. e.g. {"key": "Date", "value_types": []}
model_version str
Model version of the form extraction system. Default is "builtin/stable". Specify "builtin/latest" for the latest model. For custom form models, specify: “custom/{model_name}". Model name format is "bucket_name/path/to/modeldir" corresponding to "gs://bucket_name/path/to/modeldir" where annotated examples are stored.