Class KnowledgeConnectorSettings (1.27.0)

KnowledgeConnectorSettings(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Settings for knowledge connector. These parameters are used for LLM prompt like "You are . You are a helpful and verbose <agent_identity> at , <business_description>. Your task is to help humans on <agent_scope>".


business str
Name of the company, organization or other entity that the agent represents. Used for knowledge connector LLM prompt and for knowledge search.
agent str
Name of the virtual agent. Used for LLM prompt. Can be left empty.
agent_identity str
Identity of the agent, e.g. "virtual agent", "AI assistant".
business_description str
Company description, used for LLM prompt, e.g. "a family company selling freshly roasted coffee beans".
agent_scope str
Agent scope, e.g. "Example company website", "internal Example company website for employees", "manual of car owner".