Class TransitionRouteGroup (0.2.0)

TransitionRouteGroup(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

An TransitionRouteGroup represents a group of [TransitionRoutes][] to be used by a Page.


name str
The unique identifier of the transition route group. TransitionRouteGroups.CreateTransitionRouteGroup populates the name automatically. Format: projects/.
display_name str
Required. The human-readable name of the transition route group, unique within the Agent. The display name can be no longer than 30 characters.
transition_routes Sequence[.page.TransitionRoute]
Transition routes associated with the TransitionRouteGroup. Duplicate transition routes (i.e. using the same [intent][]) are not allowed. Note that the [name][] field is not used in the transition route group scope.