Class MatchInfo (0.10.7)

MatchInfo(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

MatchInfo describes which part of suggestion matched with data in user typed query. This can be used to highlight matching parts in the UI. This is different from the annotations provided in annotated_suggestion. The annotated_suggestion provides information about the semantic meaning, while this provides information about how it relates to the input.

Example: user query: top products


annotated_suggestion { text_formatted = "top product_group" html_formatted = "top product_group" markups { {type: TEXT, start_char_index: 0, length: 3} {type: DIMENSION, start_char_index: 4, length: 13} } }

query_matches { { start_char_index: 0, length: 3 } { start_char_index: 4, length: 7} }


start_char_index int
Unicode character index of the string annotation.
length int
Count of unicode characters of this substring.