Class ErrorCode (1.6.2)


A general error code describing the type of error that occurred.

Values: ERROR_CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): An unknown error occurred CONNECTION_FAILURE (1): We failed to connect to one of the connection profile. AUTHENTICATION_FAILURE (2): We failed to authenticate to one of the connection profile. INVALID_CONNECTION_PROFILE_CONFIG (3): One of the involved connection profiles has an invalid configuration. VERSION_INCOMPATIBILITY (4): The versions of the source and the destination are incompatible. CONNECTION_PROFILE_TYPES_INCOMPATIBILITY (5): The types of the source and the destination are incompatible. NO_PGLOGICAL_INSTALLED (7): No pglogical extension installed on databases, applicable for postgres. PGLOGICAL_NODE_ALREADY_EXISTS (8): pglogical node already exists on databases, applicable for postgres. INVALID_WAL_LEVEL (9): The value of parameter wal_level is not set to logical. INVALID_SHARED_PRELOAD_LIBRARY (10): The value of parameter shared_preload_libraries does not include pglogical. INSUFFICIENT_MAX_REPLICATION_SLOTS (11): The value of parameter max_replication_slots is not sufficient. INSUFFICIENT_MAX_WAL_SENDERS (12): The value of parameter max_wal_senders is not sufficient. INSUFFICIENT_MAX_WORKER_PROCESSES (13): The value of parameter max_worker_processes is not sufficient. UNSUPPORTED_EXTENSIONS (14): Extensions installed are either not supported or having unsupported versions. UNSUPPORTED_MIGRATION_TYPE (15): Unsupported migration type. INVALID_RDS_LOGICAL_REPLICATION (16): Invalid RDS logical replication. UNSUPPORTED_GTID_MODE (17): The gtid_mode is not supported, applicable for MySQL. UNSUPPORTED_TABLE_DEFINITION (18): The table definition is not support due to missing primary key or replica identity. UNSUPPORTED_DEFINER (19): The definer is not supported. CANT_RESTART_RUNNING_MIGRATION (21): Migration is already running at the time of restart request.