Class MatchingDocument (0.7.6)

MatchingDocument(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Document entry with metadata inside SearchDocumentsResponse


Document that matches the specified SearchDocumentsRequest. This document only contains indexed metadata information.
search_text_snippet str
Contains snippets of text from the document full raw text that most closely match a search query's keywords, if available. All HTML tags in the original fields are stripped when returned in this field, and matching query keywords are enclosed in HTML bold tags. If the question-answering feature is enabled, this field will instead contain a snippet that answers the user's natural-language query. No HTML bold tags will be present, and highlights in the answer snippet can be found in QAResult.highlights.
Experimental. Additional result info if the question-answering feature is enabled.
matched_token_page_indices MutableSequence[int]
Return the 1-based page indices where those pages have one or more matched tokens.