Class UpdateType (0.5.1)


Update type of the requests.

Values: UPDATE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Defaults to full replace behavior, ie. FULL_REPLACE. UPDATE_TYPE_REPLACE (1): Fully replace all the fields (including previously linked raw document). Any field masks will be ignored. UPDATE_TYPE_MERGE (2): Merge the fields into the existing entities. UPDATE_TYPE_INSERT_PROPERTIES_BY_NAMES (3): Inserts the properties by names. UPDATE_TYPE_REPLACE_PROPERTIES_BY_NAMES (4): Replace the properties by names. UPDATE_TYPE_DELETE_PROPERTIES_BY_NAMES (5): Delete the properties by names. UPDATE_TYPE_MERGE_AND_REPLACE_OR_INSERT_PROPERTIES_BY_NAMES (6): For each of the property, replaces the property if the it exists, otherwise inserts a new property. And for the rest of the fields, merge them based on update mask and merge fields options.