Class AutoprovisioningNodePoolDefaults (2.47.0)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

AutoprovisioningNodePoolDefaults contains defaults for a node pool created by NAP.

.. _oneof:


Name Description
oauth_scopes MutableSequence[str]
The set of Google API scopes to be made available on all of the node VMs under the "default" service account. The following scopes are recommended, but not required, and by default are not included: - is required for mounting persistent storage on your nodes. - is required for communicating with **** (the `Google Container Registry
service_account str
The Google Cloud Platform Service Account to be used by the node VMs. Specify the email address of the Service Account; otherwise, if no Service Account is specified, the "default" service account is used.
Upgrade settings control disruption and speed of the upgrade.
NodeManagement configuration for this NodePool.
min_cpu_platform str
Deprecated. Minimum CPU platform to be used for NAP created node pools. The instance may be scheduled on the specified or newer CPU platform. Applicable values are the friendly names of CPU platforms, such as minCpuPlatform: Intel Haswell or minCpuPlatform: Intel Sandy Bridge. For more information, read `how to specify min CPU platform
disk_size_gb int
Size of the disk attached to each node, specified in GB. The smallest allowed disk size is 10GB. If unspecified, the default disk size is 100GB.
disk_type str
Type of the disk attached to each node (e.g. 'pd-standard', 'pd-ssd' or 'pd-balanced') If unspecified, the default disk type is 'pd-standard'
Shielded Instance options.
boot_disk_kms_key str
The Customer Managed Encryption Key used to encrypt the boot disk attached to each node in the node pool. This should be of the form projects/[KEY_PROJECT_ID]/locations/[LOCATION]/keyRings/[RING_NAME]/cryptoKeys/[KEY_NAME]. For more information about protecting resources with Cloud KMS Keys please see:
image_type str
The image type to use for NAP created node. Please see for available image types.
insecure_kubelet_readonly_port_enabled bool
Enable or disable Kubelet read only port. This field is a member of oneof_ _insecure_kubelet_readonly_port_enabled.