Class PullMessage (2.12.0)

PullMessage(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The pull message contains data that can be used by the caller of LeaseTasks to process the task.

This proto can only be used for tasks in a queue which has pull_target set.


payload bytes
A data payload consumed by the worker to execute the task.
tag str
The task's tag. Tags allow similar tasks to be processed in a batch. If you label tasks with a tag, your worker can [lease tasks][] with the same tag using filter. For example, if you want to aggregate the events associated with a specific user once a day, you could tag tasks with the user ID. The task's tag can only be set when the [task is created][]. The tag must be less than 500 characters. SDK compatibility: Although the SDK allows tags to be either string or bytes __, only UTF-8 encoded tags can be used in Cloud Tasks. If a tag isn't UTF-8 encoded, the tag will be empty when the task is returned by Cloud Tasks.