Class AppEngineRouting (1.3.0)

App Engine Routing.

Defines routing characteristics specific to App Engine - service, version, and instance.

For more information about services, versions, and instances see An Overview of App Engine <>, Microservices Architecture on Google App Engine <>, App Engine Standard request routing <>, and App Engine Flex request routing <>.

App version. By default, the task is sent to the version which is the default version when the task is attempted. For some queues or tasks which were created using the App Engine Task Queue API, host is not parsable into [service][ neRouting.service], [version][ gineRouting.version], and [instance][ 3.AppEngineRouting.instance]. For example, some tasks which were created using the App Engine SDK use a custom domain name; custom domains are not parsed by Cloud Tasks. If host is not parsable, then [service][ ineRouting.service], [version][ ngineRouting.version], and [instance][ a3.AppEngineRouting.instance] are the empty string.

Output only. The host that the task is sent to. The host is constructed from the domain name of the app associated with the queue's project ID (for example, and the [se rvice][], [ version][], and [instance][ tance]. Tasks which were created using the App Engine SDK might have a custom domain name. For more information, see How Requests are Routed < requests-are-routed>_.


builtins.object > google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage > builtins.object > google.protobuf.message.Message > AppEngineRouting