Class CloudShellErrorDetails (1.7.0)

CloudShellErrorDetails(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Cloud-shell specific information that will be included as details in failure responses.


Code indicating the specific error the occurred.




Set of possible errors returned from API calls.

Values: CLOUD_SHELL_ERROR_CODE_UNSPECIFIED (0): An unknown error occurred. IMAGE_UNAVAILABLE (1): The image used by the Cloud Shell environment either does not exist or the user does not have access to it. CLOUD_SHELL_DISABLED (2): Cloud Shell has been disabled by an administrator for the user making the request. TOS_VIOLATION (4): Cloud Shell has been permanently disabled due to a Terms of Service violation by the user. QUOTA_EXCEEDED (5): The user has exhausted their weekly Cloud Shell quota, and Cloud Shell will be disabled until the quota resets. ENVIRONMENT_UNAVAILABLE (6): The Cloud Shell environment is unavailable and cannot be connected to at the moment.