Class SearchFoldersRequest (1.1.2)

SearchFoldersRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The request message for searching folders.


page_size int
Optional. The maximum number of folders to return in the response. If unspecified, server picks an appropriate default.
page_token str
Optional. A pagination token returned from a previous call to SearchFolders that indicates from where search should continue.
query str
Optional. Search criteria used to select the folders to return. If no search criteria is specified then all accessible folders will be returned. Query expressions can be used to restrict results based upon displayName, state and parent, where the operators = (:) NOT, AND and OR can be used along with the suffix wildcard symbol *. The displayName field in a query expression should use escaped quotes for values that include whitespace to prevent unexpected behavior. \| Field \| Description \| \|-------------------------\|----------------------------------------\| \| displayName \| Filters by displayName. \| \| parent \| Filters by parent (for example: folders/123). \| \| state, lifecycleState \| Filters by state. \| Some example queries are: - Query displayName=Test* returns Folder resources whose display name starts with "Test". - Query state=ACTIVE returns Folder resources with state set to ACTIVE. - Query parent=folders/123 returns Folder resources that have folders/123 as a parent resource. - Query parent=folders/123 AND state=ACTIVE returns active Folder resources that have folders/123 as a parent resource. - Query displayName=\\"Test String\\" returns Folder resources with display names that include both "Test" and "String".