Class SendCommandToDeviceRequest (2.9.2)

SendCommandToDeviceRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request for SendCommandToDevice.


name str
Required. The name of the device. For example, projects/p0/locations/us-central1/registries/registry0/devices/device0 or projects/p0/locations/us-central1/registries/registry0/devices/{num_id}.
binary_data bytes
Required. The command data to send to the device.
subfolder str
Optional subfolder for the command. If empty, the command will be delivered to the /devices/{device-id}/commands topic, otherwise it will be delivered to the /devices/{device-id}/commands/{subfolder} topic. Multi-level subfolders are allowed. This field must not have more than 256 characters, and must not contain any MQTT wildcards ("+" or "#") or null characters.