Class EventTrigger (1.12.0)

EventTrigger(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Describes EventTrigger, used to request events to be sent from another service.


trigger str
Output only. The resource name of the Eventarc trigger. The format of this field is projects/{project}/locations/{region}/triggers/{trigger}.
trigger_region str
The region that the trigger will be in. The trigger will only receive events originating in this region. It can be the same region as the function, a different region or multi-region, or the global region. If not provided, defaults to the same region as the function.
event_type str
Required. The type of event to observe. For example: or
event_filters MutableSequence[]
Criteria used to filter events.
pubsub_topic str
Optional. The name of a Pub/Sub topic in the same project that will be used as the transport topic for the event delivery. Format: projects/{project}/topics/{topic}. This is only valid for events of type The topic provided here will not be deleted at function deletion.
service_account_email str
Optional. The email of the trigger's service account. The service account must have permission to invoke Cloud Run services, the permission is run.routes.invoke. If empty, defaults to the Compute Engine default service account: {project_number}
Optional. If unset, then defaults to ignoring failures (i.e. not retrying them).
channel str
Optional. The name of the channel associated with the trigger in projects/{project}/locations/{location}/channels/{channel} format. You must provide a channel to receive events from Eventarc SaaS partners.




Describes the retry policy in case of function's execution failure. Retried execution is charged as any other execution.

Values: RETRY_POLICY_UNSPECIFIED (0): Not specified. RETRY_POLICY_DO_NOT_RETRY (1): Do not retry. RETRY_POLICY_RETRY (2): Retry on any failure, retry up to 7 days with an exponential backoff (capped at 10 seconds).