Class EventTrigger (0.6.1)

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EventTrigger(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Describes EventTrigger, used to request events be sent from another service.


event_type str
Required. The type of event to observe. For example: ``providers/`` and ``providers/cloud.pubsub/eventTypes/topic.publish``. Event types match pattern ``providers/*/eventTypes/*.*``. The pattern contains: 1. namespace: For example, ```` and ````. 2. resource type: The type of resource on which event occurs. For example, the Google Cloud Storage API includes the type ``object``. 3. action: The action that generates the event. For example, action for a Google Cloud Storage Object is 'change'. These parts are lower case.
resource str
Required. The resource(s) from which to observe events, for example, ``projects/_/buckets/myBucket``. Not all syntactically correct values are accepted by all services. For example: 1. The authorization model must support it. Google Cloud Functions only allows EventTriggers to be deployed that observe resources in the same project as the ``CloudFunction``. 2. The resource type must match the pattern expected for an ``event_type``. For example, an ``EventTrigger`` that has an ``event_type`` of "google.pubsub.topic.publish" should have a resource that matches Google Cloud Pub/Sub topics. Additionally, some services may support short names when creating an ``EventTrigger``. These will always be returned in the normalized "long" format. See each *service's* documentation for supported formats.
service str
The hostname of the service that should be observed. If no string is provided, the default service implementing the API will be used. For example, ```` is the default for all event types in the ```` namespace.
Specifies policy for failed executions.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > EventTrigger