Class DeployJobRun (1.11.0)

DeployJobRun(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

DeployJobRun contains information specific to a deploy JobRun.


build str
Output only. The resource name of the Cloud Build Build object that is used to deploy. Format is projects/{project}/locations/{location}/builds/{build}.
Output only. The reason the deploy failed. This will always be unspecified while the deploy is in progress or if it succeeded.
failure_message str
Output only. Additional information about the deploy failure, if available.
Output only. Metadata containing information about the deploy job run.
Output only. The artifact of a deploy job run, if available.




Well-known deploy failures.

Values: FAILURE_CAUSE_UNSPECIFIED (0): No reason for failure is specified. CLOUD_BUILD_UNAVAILABLE (1): Cloud Build is not available, either because it is not enabled or because Google Cloud Deploy has insufficient permissions. See Required permission </deploy/docs/cloud-deploy-service-account#required_permissions>__. EXECUTION_FAILED (2): The deploy operation did not complete successfully; check Cloud Build logs. DEADLINE_EXCEEDED (3): The deploy build did not complete within the alloted time. MISSING_RESOURCES_FOR_CANARY (4): There were missing resources in the runtime environment required for a canary deployment. Check the Cloud Build logs for more information. CLOUD_BUILD_REQUEST_FAILED (5): Cloud Build failed to fulfill Google Cloud Deploy's request. See failure_message for additional details.