Class Query (1.4.3)

Query(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Describes a query job, which executes a SQL-like query.


query str
The SQL query to run.
The table where results are written.
create_disposition str
Describes when a job is allowed to create a table: CREATE_IF_NEEDED, CREATE_NEVER.
write_disposition str
Describes how writes affect existing tables: WRITE_TRUNCATE, WRITE_APPEND, WRITE_EMPTY.
If a table name is specified without a dataset in a query, this dataset will be added to table name.
table_definitions MutableSequence[]
Describes data sources outside BigQuery, if needed.
query_priority str
Describes the priority given to the query: QUERY_INTERACTIVE or QUERY_BATCH.
Result table encryption information. Set when non-default encryption is used.
statement_type str
Type of the statement (e.g. SELECT, INSERT, CREATE_TABLE, CREATE_MODEL..)