# 2.0.0 Migration Guide The 2.0 release of the google-cloud-bigquery client drops support for Python versions below 3.6. The client surface itself has not changed, but the 1.x series will not be receiving any more feature updates or bug fixes. You are thus encouraged to upgrade to the 2.x series. If you experience issues or have questions, please file an issue.

Supported Python Versions

WARNING: Breaking change

The 2.0.0 release requires Python 3.6+.

Supported BigQuery Storage Clients

The 2.0.0 release requires BigQuery Storage >= 2.0.0, which dropped support for v1beta1 and v1beta2 versions of the BigQuery Storage API. If you want to use a BigQuery Storage client, it must be the one supporting the v1 API version.

Changed GAPIC Enums Path

WARNING: Breaking change

Generated GAPIC enum types have been moved under types. Import paths need to be adjusted.


from google.cloud.bigquery_v2.gapic import enums

distance_type = enums.Model.DistanceType.COSINE


from google.cloud.bigquery_v2 import types

distance_type = types.Model.DistanceType.COSINE