Module remote (0.23.0)

BigFrames general remote models.



    endpoint: str,
    input: typing.Mapping[str, str],
    output: typing.Mapping[str, str],
    session: typing.Optional[bigframes.session.Session] = None,
    connection_name: typing.Optional[str] = None

Remote model from a Vertex AI https endpoint. User must specify https endpoint, input schema and output schema. How to deploy a model in Vertex AI

endpoint str

Vertex AI https endpoint.

input Mapping

Input schema: {column_name: column_type}. Supported types are "bool", "string", "int64", "float64", "array

output Mapping

Output label schema: {column_name: column_type}. Supported the same types as the input.

session bigframes.Session or None

BQ session to create the model. If None, use the global default session.

connection_name str or None

Connection to connect with remote service. str of the format <PROJECT_NUMBER/PROJECT_ID>.