Class DisplayOptions (0.19.2)

    max_columns: int = 20,
    max_rows: int = 25,
    progress_bar: typing.Optional[str] = "auto",
    repr_mode: typing.Literal["head", "deferred"] = "head",
    max_info_columns: int = 100,
    max_info_rows: typing.Optional[int] = 200000,
    memory_usage: bool = True,

Encapsulates configuration for displaying objects.


max_columns int, default 20
If max_columns is exceeded, switch to truncate view.
max_rows int, default 25
If max_rows is exceeded, switch to truncate view.
progress_bar Optional(str), default "auto"
Determines if progress bars are shown during job runs. Valid values are auto, notebook, and terminal. Set to None to remove progress bars.
repr_mode Literal[head, deferred]
head: Execute, download, and display results (limited to head) from dataframe and series objects during repr. deferred: Prevent executions from repr statements in dataframe and series objects. Instead estimated bytes processed will be shown. Dataframe and Series objects can still be computed with methods that explicitly execute and download results.
max_info_columns int
max_info_columns is used in method to decide if per column information will be printed.
max_info_rows int or None will usually show null-counts for each column. For large frames this can be quite slow. max_info_rows and max_info_cols limit this null check only to frames with smaller dimensions than specified.
memory_usage bool
This specifies if the memory usage of a DataFrame should be displayed when is called. Valid values True,False,