Class ImportFeatureValuesRequest (1.18.0)

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ImportFeatureValuesRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for FeaturestoreService.ImportFeatureValues.

This message has oneof_ fields (mutually exclusive fields). For each oneof, at most one member field can be set at the same time. Setting any member of the oneof automatically clears all other members.

.. _oneof:


This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``source``.
This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``source``.
This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``source``.
feature_time_field str
Source column that holds the Feature timestamp for all Feature values in each entity. This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``feature_time_source``.
feature_time google.protobuf.timestamp_pb2.Timestamp
Single Feature timestamp for all entities being imported. The timestamp must not have higher than millisecond precision. This field is a member of `oneof`_ ``feature_time_source``.
entity_type str
Required. The resource name of the EntityType grouping the Features for which values are being imported. Format: ``projects/{project}/locations/{location}/featurestores/{featurestore}/entityTypes/{entityType}``
entity_id_field str
Source column that holds entity IDs. If not provided, entity IDs are extracted from the column named ``entity_id``.
feature_specs Sequence[]
Required. Specifications defining which Feature values to import from the entity. The request fails if no feature_specs are provided, and having multiple feature_specs for one Feature is not allowed.
disable_online_serving bool
If set, data will not be imported for online serving. This is typically used for backfilling, where Feature generation timestamps are not in the timestamp range needed for online serving.
worker_count int
Specifies the number of workers that are used to write data to the Featurestore. Consider the online serving capacity that you require to achieve the desired import throughput without interfering with online serving. The value must be positive, and less than or equal to 100. If not set, defaults to using 1 worker. The low count ensures minimal impact on online serving performance.
disable_ingestion_analysis bool
If true, API doesn't start ingestion analysis pipeline.


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > ImportFeatureValuesRequest



FeatureSpec(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Defines the Feature value(s) to import.