Initializing Cloud Profiler on Google Compute Engine or Kubernetes Engine

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Shows how to initialize Cloud Profiler with Python on Google Compute Engine or Google Kubernetes Engine.

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Code sample


For more information, see the Profiler Python API reference documentation.

import googlecloudprofiler

def main():
    # Profiler initialization. It starts a daemon thread which continuously
    # collects and uploads profiles. Best done as early as possible.
            # verbose is the logging level. 0-error, 1-warning, 2-info,
            # 3-debug. It defaults to 0 (error) if not set.
            # project_id must be set if not running on GCP.
            # project_id='my-project-id',
    except (ValueError, NotImplementedError) as exc:
        print(exc)  # Handle errors here

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