Analyze sentiment app

A basic Natural Language API application that performs sentiment analysis on text.

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To learn how to install and use the client library for Natural Language, see Natural Language client libraries. For more information, see the Natural Language Python API reference documentation.

To authenticate to Natural Language, set up Application Default Credentials. For more information, see Set up authentication for a local development environment.

"""Demonstrates how to make a simple call to the Natural Language API."""

import argparse

from import language_v1

def print_result(annotations):
    score = annotations.document_sentiment.score
    magnitude = annotations.document_sentiment.magnitude

    for index, sentence in enumerate(annotations.sentences):
        sentence_sentiment = sentence.sentiment.score
        print(f"Sentence {index} has a sentiment score of {sentence_sentiment}")

    print(f"Overall Sentiment: score of {score} with magnitude of {magnitude}")
    return 0

def analyze(movie_review_filename):
    """Run a sentiment analysis request on text within a passed filename."""
    client = language_v1.LanguageServiceClient()

    with open(movie_review_filename) as review_file:
        # Instantiates a plain text document.
        content =

    document = language_v1.Document(
        content=content, type_=language_v1.Document.Type.PLAIN_TEXT
    annotations = client.analyze_sentiment(request={"document": document})

    # Print the results

if __name__ == "__main__":
    parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(
        description=__doc__, formatter_class=argparse.RawDescriptionHelpFormatter
        help="The filename of the movie review you'd like to analyze.",
    args = parser.parse_args()


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