Upgrading to OpenJDK 11 on customer-hosted instances

Starting in Looker 22.2, Looker supports OpenJDK version 11 on customer-hosted Looker instances, which may improve Looker performance. Upgrading to OpenJDK 11 from OpenJDK 8 requires downloading and installing OpenJDK 11 and then downloading and installing a new looker startup script. For example:

  1. Stop the Looker process from shell, as the looker user:

    sudo su - looker
    cd /home/looker/looker
    ./looker stop
  2. If you are updating a Looker cluster, repeat the previous step to stop Looker on every node.

  3. Download and install OpenJDK 11.

  4. Download the looker11 startup script.

  5. Delete the previous version of the looker startup script from your looker directory:

    rm looker
  6. Copy the looker11 startup script to your looker directory and rename the script looker. The new startup script must be called looker to run properly:

    mv <download_directory>/looker11 looker
  7. If you are updating a Looker cluster, repeat steps 3 through 6 on all nodes.

  8. Start up Looker on all nodes.

    ./looker start