Starting in June 2021, Looker Blocks available from the Looker Marketplace for instances on Looker 21.8 or later are being converted to a new structure that utilizes LookML refinements rather than extends. Blocks that use refinements contain a marketplace_lock.lkml file with the marketplace_ref keyword that is described on this page.


marketplace_ref: {
  listing: "listing_id"
  version: "version_number"
  models: ["model_name"]
  override_constant: CONNECTION value:"connection_name" }
  override_constant: APP_NAME value:"application_name" }
  override_constant: PLATFORM value:"platform_name" }
  override_constant: PROJECT value:"project-name" }
  override_constant: SCHEMA_NAME value:"schema_name" }
Default Value

Values supplied in Looker Marketplace backend or in Marketplace UI during block configuration


marketplace_ref is a keyword in the read-only marketplace_lock.lkml file. The marketplace_lock.lkml is created automatically when a block that uses refinements is installed from the Looker Marketplace.

The marketplace_ref subparameter values are defined in the Marketplace backend or are supplied in the Looker Marketplace UI during the configuration of the block.


The listing parameter value is the Marketplace listing ID that is set in the backend of the Looker Marketplace. The listing parameter is not editable.


The version parameter value is the application version for the Marketplace block. You can see which version the block is on by navigating to the block's page in the Marketplace and checking the release number, in the format 0.0.0, on the left-hand side of the page. The version parameter is not editable.


The models parameter lists all models that are associated with the imported CORE project of a Marketplace block that uses refinements. The models parameter is not to be confused with model parameters. The models parameter is not editable.


Marketplace blocks that use refinements are installed from the Marketplace as a single, editable CONFIG project that remotely imports the CORE project containing all LookML code and constant parameterization. Constants are defined in the imported CORE project's manifest file. If the constants are defined to allow for overriding values, you can override those values in the Marketplace UI either while configuring the block during its initial installation or when updating the block. These overriding values are viewable in — but cannot be edited from — the marketplace_lock.lkml file.

See more about overriding constant values in Marketplace blocks on the Customizing Looker Marketplace Blocks documentation page.