Looker chat support form details

As of April 6, 2021, Looker Support has launched a quick drop-down menu for you to use before starting a chat. This will help our team to better understand a little more about your questions right from the start. Check out the following table for more details on these options.

Looker product area options A few examples
Building reports or dashboards Exploring data, working on a Look, visualizations, dashboards, table calculations, or merged results
Scheduling or exporting data Sending, downloading, or scheduling data to a service outside of Looker
Instance administration Settings under the "Admin" menu, changing user permissions, managing content folders, connecting a new database, troubleshooting navigation latency, managing Looker deployment infrastructure
LookML, derived tables, or version control Writing LookML, troubleshooting a validation error, changing project settings, working with git
API, embedding, extension framework Using Looker-provided development tools to embed data, create custom experiences, or programmatically manage a Looker instance.