Using the Logging API

For reference documentation for the API, see Logging API.

For sample code, including instructions for setting up client libraries, see Logging's Client Libraries. For additional code samples, see Writing and Managing Logs and Exporting Logs.

To try out the API, you can make calls right from your browser using the APIs Explorer. For a command-line interface to the Logging API, see gcloud logging command.

Setup tasks

For instructions on setting up client libraries and authorizing the Logging API, with sample code, see Logging API Client Libraries.

Las bibliotecas cliente pueden usar las credenciales predeterminadas de la aplicación para autenticarse fácilmente con las API de Google y enviar solicitudes a esas API. Con las credenciales predeterminadas de la aplicación, puedes probar tu aplicación de forma local y, luego, implementarla sin cambiar el código subyacente. Para obtener más información, incluso muestras de código, consulta la guía de autenticación de Google Cloud Platform.

You can restrict how much access your application has to Logging data by using Identity and Access Management permissions and roles. For more information, see Logging Access Control Guide.