A unique identifier for an entity in the Cloud Identity Groups API.

An entity can represent either a group with an optional namespace or a user without a namespace. The combination of id and namespace must be unique; however, the same id can be used with different namespaces.

JSON representation
  "id": string,
  "namespace": string


The ID of the entity.

For Google-managed entities, the id must be the email address of an existing group or user.

For external-identity-mapped entities, the id must be a string conforming to the Identity Source's requirements.

Must be unique within a namespace.



The namespace in which the entity exists.

If not specified, the EntityKey represents a Google-managed entity such as a Google user or a Google Group.

If specified, the EntityKey represents an external-identity-mapped group. The namespace must correspond to an identity source created in Admin Console and must be in the form of identitysources/{identity_source_id}.