Get support

Cloud HPC Toolkit is an open source project that follows a community support model. The Cloud HPC Toolkit engineering team engages directly with the community through the project's GitHub page. To get support, use the GitHub discussions page and issue tracker.

Because Cloud HPC Toolkit depends on multiple open source projects and APIs, bug fixes and resolution of issues related to these open source components are out of scope for all Google Cloud Support offerings.

Ask a question on the GitHub discussions page

The central discussion forum for Cloud HPC Toolkit users and community developers is the Cloud HPC Toolkit Github discussions page. From this page, you can review past discussions, ask questions to other Cloud HPC Toolkit users and developers, and stay up to date with the Cloud HPC Toolkit community.

Open an issue using the GitHub issue tracker

For issues with the ghpc engine and Cloud HPC Toolkit modules, you can open an issue on GitHub to report a bug or request a new feature.

For issues related to certain community modules, you can seek support directly from the partner developers. If available, you can find this information in the Support section of the module README. For example:

To allow the Cloud HPC Toolkit engineering team to respond expeditiously to your issue, include the following information in a bug report:

  • Cloud HPC Toolkit version (output of ./ghpc version)
  • Expected behavior
  • The current behavior
  • If applicable, a blueprint YAML that can be used to reproduce the bug
  • If applicable, error messages and outputs