Gemini for Google Cloud overview

Gemini for Google Cloud offers generative AI-powered assistance to a wide range of Google Cloud users, including developers and data scientists. To provide an integrated assistance experience, Gemini for Google Cloud is embedded in many Google Cloud products.

If you want to use Gemini for Google Cloud models to create your own generative AI application, see Overview of Generative AI on Vertex AI.

The following table shows the types of generative AI assistance that are available in Gemini for Google Cloud, along with links to documentation that shows you how to get assistance:

Product Type of assistance Tasks
Gemini in BigQuery
  • Analyze data.
  • Discover, transform, query, and visualize data with data canvas.
  • Explore data patterns, quality, and statistics with data insights.
  • Generate and complete SQL and Python code.
  • Get recommendations for partitioning, clustering, and materialized views.
  • Autotune and troubleshoot serverless Spark.
Gemini Code Assist
  • Develop, deploy, and troubleshoot code.
  • Generate and debug code, and generate unit tests.
  • Offer suggestions for code optimization.
  • Build integrations that connect enterprise applications like Salesforce, databases like MySQL, and event-driven systems like Pub/Sub.
Gemini in Colab Enterprise
  • Generate Python code in a Colab Enterprise notebook.
  • Generate code completion suggestions while typing in a code cell.
  • Generate code by using the Help me code tool.
Gemini in Databases
  • Store and retrieve structured data.
  • Manage your database fleet.
  • Generate SQL queries.
  • Fine-tune database performance.
  • Modernize your database.
Gemini in Looker
  • Analyze and export data.
  • Looker Studio (Pro): Export your Looker Studio report visualizations to Google Slides.
  • Looker Studio (Pro): Create Looker Studio calculated fields using natural language.
Gemini in Security Command Center
  • Simplify search queries, interpret cases, and understand potential attack paths.
  • Generate UDM search queries for threat investigations from your natural language questions.
  • Summarize cases that are opened for security issues and suggest steps to resolve the issues.
  • Explain the possible paths that an attacker could use to compromise your high-value resources.

Gemini assistance in other Google products

Gemini AI-powered assistance is also available in Gemini for Google Workspace.

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