Activador de Firebase RTDB

Activa una función cuando se actualiza Firebase Realtime Database.

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using CloudNative.CloudEvents;
using Google.Cloud.Functions.Framework;
using Google.Events.Protobuf.Firebase.Database.V1;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Logging;
using System.Threading;
using System.Threading.Tasks;

namespace FirebaseRtdb
    public class Function : ICloudEventFunction<ReferenceEventData>
        private readonly ILogger _logger;

        public Function(ILogger<Function> logger) =>
            _logger = logger;

        public Task HandleAsync(CloudEvent cloudEvent, ReferenceEventData data, CancellationToken cancellationToken)
            _logger.LogInformation("Function triggered by change to {subject}", cloudEvent.Subject);
            _logger.LogInformation("Delta: {delta}", data.Delta);

            // In this example, we don't need to perform any asynchronous operations, so the
            // method doesn't need to be declared async.
            return Task.CompletedTask;


// Package p contains a Cloud Function triggered by a Firebase Realtime Database
// event.
package p

import (


// RTDBEvent is the payload of a RTDB event.
type RTDBEvent struct {
	Data  interface{} `json:"data"`
	Delta interface{} `json:"delta"`

// HelloRTDB handles changes to a Firebase RTDB.
func HelloRTDB(ctx context.Context, e RTDBEvent) error {
	meta, err := metadata.FromContext(ctx)
	if err != nil {
		return fmt.Errorf("metadata.FromContext: %v", err)
	log.Printf("Function triggered by change to: %v", meta.Resource)
	log.Printf("%+v", e)
	return nil


import java.util.logging.Logger;

public class FirebaseRtdb implements RawBackgroundFunction {
  private static final Logger logger = Logger.getLogger(FirebaseRtdb.class.getName());

  // Use GSON ( to parse JSON content.
  private static final Gson gson = new Gson();

  public void accept(String json, Context context) {"Function triggered by change to: " + context.resource());

    JsonObject body = gson.fromJson(json, JsonObject.class);

    boolean isAdmin = false;
    if (body != null && body.has("auth")) {
      JsonObject authObj = body.getAsJsonObject("auth");
      isAdmin = authObj.has("admin") && authObj.get("admin").getAsBoolean();
    }"Admin?: " + isAdmin);

    if (body != null && body.has("delta")) {"Delta:");"delta").toString());


 * Triggered by a change to a Firebase RTDB reference.
 * @param {!Object} event The Cloud Functions event.
exports.helloRTDB = event => {
  const triggerResource = event.resource;

  console.log(`Function triggered by change to: ${triggerResource}`);
  console.log(`Admin?: ${!!event.auth.admin}`);
  console.log(JSON.stringify(, null, 2));


use Google\CloudFunctions\CloudEvent;

function firebaseRTDB(CloudEvent $cloudevent)
    $log = fopen(getenv('LOGGER_OUTPUT') ?: 'php://stderr', 'wb');

    fwrite($log, "Event: " . $cloudevent->getId() . PHP_EOL);

    $data = $cloudevent->getData();
    $resource = $data['resource'] ?? '<null>';

    fwrite($log, 'Function triggered by change to: ' . $resource . PHP_EOL);

    $isAdmin = isset($data['auth']['admin']) && $data['auth']['admin'] == true;

    fwrite($log, 'Admin?: ' . var_export($isAdmin, true) . PHP_EOL);
    fwrite($log, 'Delta: ' . json_encode($data['delta'] ?? '') . PHP_EOL);


import json
def hello_rtdb(data, context):
    """ Triggered by a change to a Firebase RTDB reference.
        data (dict): The event payload.
        context ( Metadata for the event.
    trigger_resource = context.resource

    print('Function triggered by change to: %s' % trigger_resource)
    print('Admin?: %s' % data.get("admin", False))


require "functions_framework"

# Triggered by a change to a Firebase RTDB document.
FunctionsFramework.cloud_event "hello_rtdb" do |event|
  # Event-triggered Ruby functions receive a CloudEvents::Event::V1 object.
  # See
  # The Firebase event payload can be obtained from the `data` field.
  payload = "Function triggered by change to: #{event.source}" "Admin?: #{payload.fetch 'admin', false}" "Delta: #{payload['delta']}"

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