Cloud Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API

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Provides methods for detection of privacy-sensitive fragments in text, images, and Google Cloud Platform storage repositories.


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


ActivateJobTrigger Activate a job trigger.
CancelDlpJob Starts asynchronous cancellation on a long-running DlpJob.
CreateDeidentifyTemplate Creates a DeidentifyTemplate for reusing frequently used configuration for de-identifying content, images, and storage.
CreateDlpJob Creates a new job to inspect storage or calculate risk metrics.
CreateInspectTemplate Creates an InspectTemplate for reusing frequently used configuration for inspecting content, images, and storage.
CreateJobTrigger Creates a job trigger to run DLP actions such as scanning storage for sensitive information on a set schedule.
CreateStoredInfoType Creates a pre-built stored infoType to be used for inspection.
DeidentifyContent De-identifies potentially sensitive info from a ContentItem.
DeleteDeidentifyTemplate Deletes a DeidentifyTemplate.
DeleteDlpJob Deletes a long-running DlpJob.
DeleteInspectTemplate Deletes an InspectTemplate.
DeleteJobTrigger Deletes a job trigger.
DeleteStoredInfoType Deletes a stored infoType.
FinishDlpJob Finish a running hybrid DlpJob.
GetDeidentifyTemplate Gets a DeidentifyTemplate.
GetDlpJob Gets the latest state of a long-running DlpJob.
GetInspectTemplate Gets an InspectTemplate.
GetJobTrigger Gets a job trigger.
GetStoredInfoType Gets a stored infoType.
HybridInspectDlpJob Inspect hybrid content and store findings to a job.
HybridInspectJobTrigger Inspect hybrid content and store findings to a trigger.
InspectContent Finds potentially sensitive info in content.
ListDeidentifyTemplates Lists DeidentifyTemplates.
ListDlpJobs Lists DlpJobs that match the specified filter in the request.
ListInfoTypes Returns a list of the sensitive information types that DLP API supports.
ListInspectTemplates Lists InspectTemplates.
ListJobTriggers Lists job triggers.
ListStoredInfoTypes Lists stored infoTypes.
RedactImage Redacts potentially sensitive info from an image.
ReidentifyContent Re-identifies content that has been de-identified.
UpdateDeidentifyTemplate Updates the DeidentifyTemplate.
UpdateInspectTemplate Updates the InspectTemplate.
UpdateJobTrigger Updates a job trigger.
UpdateStoredInfoType Updates the stored infoType by creating a new version.