Quotas and Limits

Deployment Manager does not charge for use, but any resources you deploy using Deployment Manager may incur charges. For example, Compute Engine charges for resources per the Compute Engine price sheet. For more information, see the price sheets for the respective products.


Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager enforces the following API limits and quotas:

  • Unlimited read requests, which include any requests made through gcloud or Google Cloud Console. Requests such as get and list would be considered read requests.
  • Unlimited delete requests to delete deployments.
  • 1,000 API write requests per day, including requests made through gcloud. This includes requests to change or create deployments and resources, such as insert and update.
  • 20 API requests per second.
  • 1,000 active deployments per project. If you want to create additional deployments, you must first delete some deployments.
  • 1 MB limit on user-provided configurations, including the YAML configuration and any imports.
  • 1 MB limit on expanded configurations. When fully-expanded, your configuration cannot exceed this size.

In addition, you are subject to quotas enforced by any other Google Cloud services you use. For example, Deployment Manager cannot deploy more Compute Engine virtual machines than the available quota for your project. For more information, see the quota information for the specific Google Cloud Platform services.

Runtime Configurator

Runtime Configurator enforces the following API limits and quotas:

  • 1200 Queries Per Minute (QPM) for delete, create, and update requests
  • 600 QPM for watch requests.
  • 6000 QPM for get and list requests.
  • 4MB of data per project, which consists of all data written to the Runtime Configurator service and accompanying metadata.