Use the Cloud SDK


This page describes how to get started with the Cloud SDK so you can use it to manage private connectivity configurations, connection profiles, and streams in Datastream.

The Cloud SDK provides the gcloud command-line tool to interact with Datastream and other Google Cloud services. The gcloud tool uses the API to access Datastream, so you must enable the API before you can use the tool.

You can see gcloud examples in the following pages of the Datastream documentation:

Get started with the gcloud command-line tool

To start with the gcloud tool, review the Cloud SDK Documentation. You can get help for the tool, resources, and commands by using the --help flag:

gcloud datastream --help
gcloud datastream private-connectivity-configurations create --help
gcloud datastream connection-profiles create --help
gcloud datastream streams create --help

Finally, configure a project as your default project with two commands. The first command below lists the configuration for the gcloud tool, including any default project already set. The second command sets the default project.

gcloud config list
gcloud config set project [PROJECT_ID]