Struct MinDeadlineExtensionOption (2.20.0)

The minimum time by which the deadline for each incoming message is extended.

While waiting for an ack or nack from the application the Cloud Pub/Sub C++ client library will extend the deadline by at least this amount. The default minimum extension is 1 minute. An application may wish to reduce this extension so that the Pub/Sub service will resend a message sooner when it does not hear back from a Subscriber. An application may wish to increase this extension time to avoid duplicate message delivery.

The value is clamped between 10 seconds and 10 minutes. Furthermore, if the application configures MaxDeadlineExtensionOption, then MinDeadlineExtensionOption is clamped between 10 seconds and the value of MaxDeadlineExtensionOption.

Type Aliases


Alias Of: std::chrono::seconds