Environment Configuration Parameters

This page describes the required and optional parameters for creating a Cloud Composer environment using the gcloud beta composer environments create command.

Required parameters

When you create a new Cloud Composer environment, the following parameters are required. If you don't specify the parameters, environment creation fails.

Parameter Description
name The name of the environment. The name must start with a lowercase letter followed by up to 62 lowercase letters, numbers, or hyphens, and cannot end with a hyphen.
location The Compute Engine region where the environment is created. The beta release supports us-central1 and europe-west1.

If you set the location by using the gcloud config set location command, Cloud Composer uses the set location by default. The --location flag is required if there is no set location or if you create an environment in a location different from the default.

Optional parameters

When you create a new Cloud Composer environment, the following parameters are optional. If you do not specify the parameter, the default value is used.

Parameter Description Default
airflow-configs A list of [SECTION_NAME]PROPERTY_NAME=VALUE Airflow configuration overrides. none
disk-size The disk size in GB used for the node VMs. The minimum size is 20 GB. 100 GB
env-variables A list of NAME=VALUE environment variables that are set on the Airflow scheduler, worker, and webserver processes. none
labels User-specified labels that are attached to the environment and its resources. none
machine-type The Compute Engine machine type used for cluster instances. The machine type determines the number of CPUs and the amount of memory for your environment. Cloud Composer supports Compute Engine standard machine types. n1-standard-1
network The Virtual Private Cloud network ID that is used for machine communications. The network ID is required to specify a subnetwork. Shared Virtual Private Cloud is not currently supported. default
node-count The number of Kubernetes Engine nodes used to run the environment. 3
oauth-scopes The set of Google API scopes made available on all of the node VMs. https://www.googleapis.com/auth/cloud-platform
subnetwork The Compute Engine subnetwork to which the environment is connected. none
service-account The Google Cloud Platform service account to be used by the node VMs. You cannot change the service account after the environment is created. default
tags The list of instance tags applied to all the node VMs. Tags are used to identify valid sources or targets for network firewalls. Each tag within the list must comply with RFC 1035. none

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