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Discover 100+ generative AI solutions from our partners at Next ‘24

April 8, 2024
Stephen Orban

VP, Migrations, ISVs, and Marketplace, Google Cloud

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Generative AI (gen AI) is well on its way to transforming…well, just about everything. Over the last year, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of partners and customers on the topic. We’ve seen how broad gen AI potential is across industries, with use cases spanning fraud detection and response in financial services, product recommendations and summaries in retail, predictive maintenance in manufacturing, content creation and personalization in media, drug discovery in healthcare, and chatbots and intelligent assistants in every sector (just to name a few). 

As customers embark on these transformations, they’re looking for help improving their data quality, overhauling privacy safeguards, and hiring AI talent to succeed. To scale how we help customers on their journey, we’re committed to delivering the most open and innovative generative AI partner ecosystem. We are collaborating closely with our customers, enabling a vast number of business users, developers, marketers, and others to benefit from our advanced generative AI products, deep expertise and trusted community of partners to successfully deploy AI efficiently and responsibly. 

At Google Cloud Next ‘24 this week, our partners will showcase more than 100 solutions that leverage Google AI to provide meaningful, real-world business value with generative AI. Each of these solutions has been validated by our engineering team. They are listed below with a brief description. Make sure to stop by the partner expo hall at Next to see them live and in-person!

66degrees - Turnkey solutions for gen AI-powered analytics, virtual assistants, migration, document processing, custom applications, and more.

Accenture - Marketing content creation, call center transformation, gen AI-powered software development lifecycle and unstructured document reading.

AI21 Labs - A BigQuery integration that allows users to query data conversationally and get high-quality answers quickly.

Aible - Generative AI and augmented analytics for business teams for structured or unstructured data, in minutes, with guardrails for security and hallucinations.

Aiven - Seamless integration between LLMs and vector databases for augmenting applications, providing better contextual recommendations, and faster issue resolution.

Anthropic - A family of models, Claude 3, that provides state-of-the-art intelligence, speed, cost-efficiency, and vision for enterprise use cases.

Anyscale - An AI platform for developers to speed and scale gen AI, LLMs, and AI/ML apps on the managed Ray framework, eliminating infrastructure complexity.

AODocs - An intelligent chatbot assistant with trusted answers to natural language questions based on SOPs, safety procedures, technical specs, and other docs.

Augmedix - A gen AI-powered solution that helps clinicians save time and focus on patient care by providing ambient medical documentation.

Automation Anywhere - An intelligent, gen AI automation to reduce errors and streamline anti-money laundering processes.

Badal.io - A generative AI compliance solution.

Behavox - LLM-enabled compliance monitoring that decreases false positives and detects real risks.

C3 AI - A unified knowledge source to rapidly find and act on enterprise data and insights through an intuitive search and chat interface.

Capgemini - A gen AI tool that generates personalized and compliant healthcare & medical marketing content, minimizing the medical legal regulatory approval process.

CARTO - A cloud-native spatial analytics platform with built-in gen AI capabilities.

ClearObject - Gen AI-powered solutions to help loan officers find answers to complex policy questions and allow financial analysts to easily extract data from financial reports.

CLOUDSUFI - Data-driven AI solutions that deliver efficient incident resolution and system integrations that optimize productivity and help maintain strategic advantage.

CloudWerx - A multimodal AI tool that combines images, text and expert knowledge to perform complex reasoning tasks and deliver personalized business recommendations.

Cognite - An industrial DataOps platform with gen AI capabilities to help increase productivity, safety, and performance with more trustworthy, accessible industrial data.

Cognizant - Gen AI-powered tools for expedited appeals, marketing content creation, contract generation and configuration, and assisted shopping.

Collibra - A data intelligence platform that authors table and column descriptions, builds data quality rules with NLP and parses and displays transformation details for reports.

Confluent - An AI-powered virtual shopping assistant that allows consumers to find products from pictures or magazine articles.

Dataiku - A generative AI-powered solution that enables users to build a chatbot via a no-code interface.

DataRobot - AI-powered apps that guide applicants through the loan process, even in cases of denial, and an emergency room triage solution to improve patient experience.

DataStax - A gen AI-powered fashion assistant that recommends clothing based on photos, and a support chatbot that helps businesses build their own AI assistants.

Datatonic - A secure, enterprise-grade LLM for organizations to accelerate BI and a natural language query interface for conducting analytics, insights, and presentations.

Deloitte - An app migration platform, a flexible Q&A chatbot for customer service, and a cognitive virtual assistant that can help analyze dashboards.

Denodo - A solution that provides logical data access to all your data for building enterprise data apps.

Egnyte - A tool for project specification document analysis for efficient project management.

Elastic - An interactive, conversational search experience for online shoppers and retailers, tailoring responses to an individual's unique needs.

Elemental Cognition - AI-powered applications to solve complex operational business problems and accelerate advanced research.

EPAM - A comprehensive indexing and search solution for efficient understanding of video data.

Eviden - A chatbot trained on product user guides to deliver highly accurate answers to retail customers.

Exabeam - A gen AI-powered security operations platform with a threat center that automatically analyzes and investigates events with remediation recommendations.

Fivetran - A trusted data platform that streamlines data ingestion and transformation to support AI workloads and data-driven decision-making.

GitLab - A gen-AI powered DevSecOps solution that helps teams deliver software faster and more securely, using AI for collaboration, development, security, and deployment.

Glean - An AI-powered work assistant that retrieves information from across all company data to generate answers, analyses, and summaries.

Globant - An AI-powered tool for advanced video search, allowing media companies to use text and image search across their vast content libraries.

Grid Dynamics - Hyper-personalized and scalable visual content generation and photo-realistic virtual try-on for enhanced commerce experiences.

GrowthLoop - AI marketing and data activation tools for audience building and customer journey mapping to elevate your campaigns.

Harness - An AI-infused software delivery platform for fast, efficient, and secure AI

HashiCorp - An AI debugger for Terraform that resolves run issues to better identify and remediate developer infrastructure deployment challenges.

HCLTech - Personalized clothing product recommendations with a human-like, conversational experience.

Informatica - A master data management-enhanced gen-AI solution with a conversational AI extension that provides accurate, human-like responses.

Iron Mountain - An AI-powered solution that allows teams to design and deploy production-grade document processing workflows easily and efficiently at scale.

Jasper - AI-powered content creation that helps enterprises scale marketing content while staying on brand.

Kin + Carta - A data excavator that supports manufacturing logistics planning, and a healthcare bot that can answer questions about member policies.

Kyndryl - AI-assisted categorization and extraction of legal documents to dramatically increase productivity.

Labelbox - A solution that provides alternative text descriptions of product images for web embedding, improved product search relevancy, and SEO.

Lucidworks - Industry-specific search and chat applications for improved productivity and revenue outcomes.

Mantle - A company equity platform that accelerates customer onboarding using gen AI to drastically reduce the time it takes to assess and ingest company documents.

McKinsey & Company - A gen AI-powered dashboard application that helps users get operational insights from company data.

Mojix - An item-level visibility solution, powered by an AI engine, that provides insights and control over inventory.

MongoDB - A solution for multimodal sentiment analysis and tagging with MongoDB Atlas and Google LLMs.

Neo4j - A graph database that makes generative AI models more accurate, transparent, and explainable.

NetApp - Intelligent data infrastructure solutions with text summarization, foundation model fine-tuning, and intuitive UIs for easy chatbot interactions.

NVIDIA AI - A full-stack platform that offers the performance, scale, versatility, and enterprise-grade support to minimize TCO and maximize ROI of generative AI projects.

Onix - Manufacturing defect reduction to identify and pinpoint defects in manufacturing and a Chrome extension for generating tabular data summarization from Looker reports.

OpenText - LLM-powered DevOps that delivers software smarter, faster and with lower risk, accelerating application delivery.

Orby AI - Gen AI-powered tools to easily generate scripts and ML models to automate repetitive or complex tasks.

Orca Security - An agentless-first, cloud-native application protection platform that instantly generates remediation code and instructions for alerts.

Pendo.io - AI-powered in-app guide creation that auto-generates guides with just a few clicks.

Persistent Systems - A gen AI-powered financial analysis tool, employing natural language for detailed reports, aiding data-driven decision-making.

Picacity AI- A unified control platform enabling digitizing cities, districts and campuses to derive insights to optimize operational costs, energy efficiency, security and more.

Pinecone.io - A purpose-built vector database built for efficient storage and high-performance vector retrieval to help developers build gen AI applications.

Plainsight - Accelerated document intelligence that increases the speed of customer decision-making.

Pluto7 - Gen AI-enabled data management and smart analytics solutions for inventory and supplier performance visibility.

PwC - A chat assistant that leverages data across systems through enterprise search capabilities for fast, secure data aggregation and cross-referencing.

Quantiphi - A gen AI platform for knowledge worker productivity and a chat interface with multi-lingual personalized recipe suggestions and store recommendations. 

Quantum Metric - A gen AI-powered platform that summarizes thousands of data points collected in a user's digital session and consolidates them into a short summary.

Redis - A chatbot for customer support for financial services, systems and code technical support, and virtual assistance for customer retail purchases.

Replit - An AI-powered platform that enables developers to build software faster, collaboratively, and from any machine.

SADA - An AI-powered knowledge engine which provides immediate, precise insights tailored to your unique role in sales, customer service, research, or marketing.

SantoDigital - A chat interface to ask questions and search for ideas to generate content, automate tasks, and optimize processes across industries.

SAP - Modernized cloud ERP capabilities to support the development and deployment of enterprise AI and conversational AI.

SingleStore - A data platform that enables building gen AI and real-time analytics apps by empowering customers to transact, analyze and contextualize their data in real-time.

Slalom - Multimodal, AI-enablement of a mobile robot to perform inventory management and quality inspections with high precision.

Snorkel AI - A tool that customizes an intent classification model using programmatic data curation to power banking chatbots with production-quality accuracy.

SoftServe - A solution for analyzing and streamlining compliance documentation and processes and an AI assistant that creates personalized role-play conversations.

Sorcero - A solution enabling life sciences companies to transform disparate medical data into high-quality, instant insights and medical information to improve patient care.

Sprinklr - Gen AI-powered CCaaS enhancements to enrich customer data for deeper insights, better decisions, and faster actions.

Tamr - An application to clean and organize golden records, leveraging generative AI to interpret long manually-entered text.

Tata Consultancy Services - AI assistant solutions leveraging gen AI for contracts, product insights, retail, policy, and procurement.

Tecton - A platform to accelerate the development of predictive or generative AI machine learning applications

ThoughtSpot - An AI-driven insights engine with a 360° view of business changes and natural language insight narratives.

Thoughtworks - An event planning solution that uses data and predictive capabilities for event recommendations to help event planners enhance their productivity.

TTEC Digital - A conversational intelligence solution for seamless self-service support experiences, powered by virtual agents.

Typeface - An enterprise generative AI platform for personalized content creation.

UiPath - AI-powered automation for HR hiring processes to improve company and candidate experiences.

UKG - AI solutions that support great workplaces by enhancing culture and productivity, particularly for frontline employees.

V7 - An AI-assisted solution that automatically labels multimodal data without the need for ML expertise.

Weights & Biases - Developer tools to create and fine-tune generative AI models, accelerating productivity and collaboration of ML researchers.

Zencore - Solutions for fast video transcription, subtitling, image generation, and efficient document information extraction.

Learn more at Google Cloud Next ‘24

Our partners are building new gen AI applications and models, powering new features in their platforms with Gemini, Vertex AI and BigQuery, launching new data offerings, and scaling important implementation services that will help customers see value from gen AI more quickly. Join us on the show floor or virtually at Google Cloud Next ‘24 to explore how your organization can accelerate time to value with generative AI. Finally, see how you can simplify discovery, procurement, and deployment of our partners’ generative AI solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace.

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