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Transform your business; become a Google Certified Professional Data Engineer

October 11, 2016
Rochana Golani

Head of Curriculum and Certification

Increasingly, data drives decisions and there’s a huge demand for technical professionals who can support decision makers by helping them to gain new insights from their data, in the right context and at the right time.

Today, IT professionals program data pipelines, tune databases, create reports and carry out statistical analysis on the current generation of IT technologies. Google Cloud Platform (GCP), especially fully managed services like Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Machine Learning, offers a full set of tools for ingesting, querying, transforming and deriving insight from data.

Last week, we announced our Google Cloud Certification Program, which will connect people with these technical skills to the companies looking to transform their businesses with data. By becoming a Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer, you signal to companies that you're skilled in our data technologies, and can help them tackle their challenging data problems.

Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer

We envision the Data Engineer as a key role in organizations of the future, helping to modernize the way they use data and infrastructure together to enable decision-making and business transformation. Data Engineers will build, maintain and troubleshoot data processing systems that are secure, reliable and scaleable, and this certification establishes a trusted standard of proficiency for the role.

The Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer can:

  • shape business outcomes by analyzing data
  • build statistical models that support smart decision-making
  • create machine learning models that automate and simplify business processes
  • design, build, maintain and troubleshoot data processing systems that are secure, reliable, fault-tolerant, scalable and efficient

How do I become a Google Certified Professional - Data Engineer?

First off, real-world, hands-on experience is the best preparation, so roll up your sleeves and start working with the GCP technologies. We also offer a number of educational resources and courses to help you on your journey.

To help you know where you may still need experience, we’ve developed the Google Data Engineer Certification Exam Guide. This lists all of the skills that we expect a Data Engineer to have.

Are you ready to show what you know? Sign up here and we’ll let you know when the beta exam launches for the Google Data Engineer Certification.

At Google Cloud, we're seeing incredible growth as more businesses move to the cloud, coupled with increasing demand for people who fit the Data Engineer profile. Our customers are looking to solve existing and new problems with data using some of the same technologies, tools and techniques that Google has used in solving data problems. A qualified Data Engineer will make all the difference.

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